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Listening ear offered by spiritual directors during Coronavirus pandemic


     More than 30 spiritual directors have volunteered to offer their ministry via phone or other electronic communications methods to individuals who may be experiencing stress due to issues pertaining to the Coronavirus pandemic.

     Experts have noted that as people are increasingly separated from their normal routine and with constant changes in daily activities, some may find it helpful to talk to a good listener. Experts also have noted connections between a person’s physical and spiritual health.

     Spiritual direction is an ancient practice in which an individual can talk confidentially about their relationship with God to a person trained to listen deeply without judgment and without trying to solve problems. Often being able to talk about the issues they are facing yields a way forward for the individual.

     While the ministry is often done in person, it also has been successful via phone or online methods for those in places where people are geographically distanced from a trained spiritual director. Hence, a network of spiritual directors based in Texas - but also in other locations - agreed to offer their ministry to anyone from any area during the Coronavirus crisis.

     Individuals may include those who are self-isolating at home, those who have lost their jobs or had their hours decreased, caregivers, health care professionals, journalists, law enforcement officers, and government decision makers, for example.

     The volunteer spiritual directors represent many of those same occupations, in fact, as well as some clergy.

     To contact a volunteer, email the person to request a mutually agreeable time and method for contact such as phone, zoom, FaceTime or Skype. All conversations are confidential and under the ethics guidelines of Spiritual Directors International.

     The effort was organized by FIND – School for Spiritual Direction and Formation, based in Bryan, Texas. It is an ecumenical school established by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in 1997.

     Contact Kathleen Phillips, 979-324-4302.

Volunteer Spiritual Directors

Jane Almquist,

Scott Beachy,

Sue Beall,

Heidi Campbell,

Clint Capers,

Karen Courville,

Kelli Davis,

Vivian Dawkins,

Sheila Gerth,

Leslie Hay,

Beth Hebert,

Thom Holt,

Dave Kerkes,

Jeanne Knapp,

Gail McCandless,

Connie Merhley,

Jean Moore,

Phil Niemeyer,

Bruce Norton,

Kathleen Phillips,

John Price,

Anne Province,

Kathy Reiter,

Kipp Richter,

Gloria Rose,

Linda Schmieg,

Martha Schreffler,

Betsy Sentigar,

Roger Sessions,

Jill Stavenhager,

Lonny Tanel,

Iris Villareal,

Betty Waddell,

George Warriner,

Janice Watkins,

Judy Webster,

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