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Becoming a FIND School Student


Membership in the Episcopal Church is not necessary, however, being active in a Christian faith community is required for those on the spiritual direction track.

The spiritual formation track may be chosen by those who are in a Christian faith community or those who are not currently a member of a faith community but want to explore as part of their own spiritual formation.


Once enrolled, student participation in all events is required.


Classes meet one Saturday a month September-May with an overnight retreat in June.

Classes are normally on the third Saturday except for December which is the second Saturday. April may vary depending on Easter. Class hours are from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


In order to graduate with a certificate of completion, a student may miss no more than 2 classes in any year and no more than a total of 5 over the three-year period.

Students also must attend the overnight retreat at the end of each academic year and be under regular spiritual direction throughout the three years. 

Third year requirements

Halfway through the three year program students choose to follow the director or the formation track. 

Students on the spiritual direction track are required to have a spiritual directee under faculty supervision.


Those on the formation track must plan and lead a spiritual formation exercise, under supervision with a faculty member.


The annual tuition is $1,000, with $500 payable between September and December, and $500 payable between January and June. A payment schedule can be worked out with each student.


Additionally, a list of required books is provided each year and students may purchase these at the outlet of their choice.

Students also pay for the overnight retreat which varies annually and is announced in advance, but is usually in the $100 range for over night room, three meals and meeting facilities.


A limited number of scholarships are available for those in need. Attendees are also encouraged to seek and accept support from sending congregations.


Applications may be accepted at any time, but the official discernment period is February-July each year. More information is available through the link below. The total cost for application is $300 in 2024 -- $175 application fee and $125 for the discernment retreat at Camp Allen July 26-27, 2024.

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